Is Pickle Juice a Remedy For Leg Cramps?

    Cramps = a common and annoying ailment. Leg cramps, aka Charley Horses, the most common variety, can stop you in your tracks. The older you get, the more susceptible you are to cramping. Some cramp sufferers assert that nothing knocks out a cramp like pickle juice. Does it logically follow that older adults … Read more

Should Granny Wear Ripped Jeans? One Man’s Perspective…

It used to be that grandmothers looked like grandmothers. They wore neat white hair and sensible shoes. Many favored conservative dresses. Other older women, however, went for a different senior clothing stereotype. Think orange pants and other articles made of forgiving stretch fabrics. These days, a lot of senior women aren’t ready to go quietly … Read more

Is Your Walking Speed Telling You Something?

People walk more slowly as they get older. It’s natural. There are a number of things seniors can’t do as quickly as they used to. But what does your walking speed say about you and is your walking speed telling you something? Some folks slow down more than others. It’s not just random. Studies show … Read more

The Perils of Retirement and How To Plan for Them

People dream about the joys of retirement when they no longer have to work and every day’s a Saturday. And it indeed can be a great time of life for relaxing, traveling, golfing, dinners with friends, reading, or spending time just hanging out. But the retired years are not without their perils. Here are four … Read more

The Upside of Aging

Aging is inevitable. Everyone who lives long enough grows old. The good news is that age has its advantages. The upsides of aging go beyond collecting Social Security and bouncing grandchildren on one’s knee. On the whole, older adults are a lot happier with this time of life than people generally realize. Seniors Are Happier … Read more

Still Mattering As We Age

Think about how seniors are depicted in TV advertising. They’ve fallen and they can’t get up, they don’t know how to use their phones, they compare notes on incontinence products. You’d think that once people reach a certain age, they’re an irrelevance that should be set off to the side while the rest of the … Read more

Can Seniors Be Friends With Benefits?

If you search for keywords for seniors as “friends with benefits” you’re met with “7 senior discounts at Walmart” or “benefits for seniors 65 and older.” I am not seeking the usual interpretation for “friends with benefits” nor am I referencing the discounts and commercial advantages available to seniors. I want to discuss the benefits … Read more