Gardening Is My Therapy

“Chicken Crossing,” warned the sign and indeed there were chickens. I didn’t see them in the winter when I walked my dog past this yard almost daily. However as the weather warmed and spring arrived, they made their appearance along with an abundance of crocuses in the front yard. Intrigued by this property and with … Read more

Can a Smartwatch Save Your Life?

Everyone’s seen the commercial where an elderly person falls and can’t get up again. The commercial plugs a product that has positives and negatives for seniors: positives because it’s a potential lifesaver, but negatives because many older adults don’t want to be seen as that frail person who has fallen and can’t get up. Fortunately, … Read more

Grandmother’s Little Helpers

As they age, most seniors want to remain active and independent as long as possible. Many would prefer to live in the familiar home they’ve loved, even when the tasks of daily living become difficult. Many have friends and family who are willing to help, but seniors would still rather do as much as possible for themselves. Fortunately, … Read more

Is Pickle Juice a Remedy For Leg Cramps?

    Cramps = a common and annoying ailment. Leg cramps, aka Charley Horses, the most common variety, can stop you in your tracks. The older you get, the more susceptible you are to cramping. Some cramp sufferers assert that nothing knocks out a cramp like pickle juice. Does it logically follow that older adults … Read more

Should Granny Wear Ripped Jeans? A Male Perspective…

It used to be that grandmothers looked like grandmothers. They wore neat white hair and sensible shoes. Many favored conservative dresses. Other older women, however, went for a different senior clothing stereotype. Think orange pants and other articles made of forgiving stretch fabrics. These days, a lot of senior women aren’t ready to go quietly … Read more

The Perils of Retirement and How To Plan for Them

People dream about the joys of retirement when they no longer have to work and every day’s a Saturday. And it indeed can be a great time of life for relaxing, traveling, golfing, dinners with friends, reading, or spending time just hanging out. But the retired years are not without their perils. Here are four … Read more