The Positive And Negative Realities Of Aging


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Welcome Seniors. Meet Hannah Pollyanna Billi Brown who will be gracing our pages often:

I nicknamed my indomitable Mother “Hannah Pollyanna Billi Brown”, a combination of names she had used over her lifetime spanning 95 years. She always saw life as a cup half full as any Pollyanna would, and into her 80s told me enthusiastically that: “life begins at 70.” Also into her 80s she volunteered at the local “old” folks home until she quit one day saying she tired of hearing about aches and pains. It was all too negative for someone who believed that life truly does begin at 70!

I have often wondered about my Mother’s mindset, positive as it was, how she maintained it even in difficult times, how she maintained her enthusiasm for her various interests into her 90s when she still loved make-up, costume jewellry and attending Zoomba she kept going, always forward, ever onward and how she dealt with the challenges of aging. Here we’ll examine and promote ideas and things which can make a positive difference both mentally and physically in the life of any senior…as well as some of the undeniable challenges of getting older.

We Want to Offer Enhancements to aging

We live in a youth worshipping culture. That might never change but what can be changed are attitudes, that instead of viewing aging negatively, alternatively see it as a culmination of experiences and education that can be ongoing and passed down.

If you have ever been a family custodian for a parent, you know that all too often seniors become invisible. Many are made to feel irrelevant and can be resented for any healthcare resources they may require. Ageism prevails in North American society. Those attitudes die hard but we hope to challenge the stereotypes!


Our goal:

Our goal at Senior Lifestyle is to inform about options in mobility, hobbies, fitness, healthy living, and maintaining a positive outlook into our 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond…living as best we can in and into our senior years. We will touch on the inspirational as well as some of the negatives of aging because they are both parts of the mosaic.

We too will be learning as we embark on this exploration of senior territory and look forward to sharing this journey with you.

If you have an idea you would like addressed pertaining to a senior lifestyle, please email and we would be happy to respond in any way we can.

All the best,

Judith Ellen

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