Is Your Walking Speed Telling You Something?

People walk more slowly as they get older. It’s natural. There are a number of things seniors can’t do as quickly as they used to. But what does your walking speed say about you and is your walking speed telling you something? Some folks slow down more than others. It’s not just random. Studies show … Read more

The Perils of Retirement and How To Plan for Them

People dream about the joys of retirement when they no longer have to work and every day’s a Saturday. And it indeed can be a great time of life for relaxing, traveling, golfing, dinners with friends, reading, or spending time just hanging out. But the retired years are not without their perils. Here are four … Read more

The Upside of Aging

Aging is inevitable. Everyone who lives long enough grows old. The good news is that age has its advantages. The upsides of aging go beyond collecting Social Security and bouncing grandchildren on one’s knee. On the whole, older adults are a lot happier with this time of life than people generally realize. Seniors Are Happier … Read more

Seniors as Friends With Benefits

If you search for keywords for seniors as “friends with benefits” you’re met with “7 senior discounts at Walmart” or “benefits for seniors 65 and older.” I am not seeking the usual interpretation for “friends with benefits” nor am I referencing the discounts and commercial advantages available to seniors. I want to discuss the benefits … Read more

Will Fat Senior Women Ever Be Serenaded?

I take several weekly walks with my dog in the small lakeside community where I currently reside. Many people here are walkers. Some, like me, walk alone, some walk with friends and then there are the couples. What I notice here, where the demographic is predominantly senior, is that those senior women who do walk … Read more

The Beauty and Joy of Growing Old Together

People who think love is just for the young aren’t paying attention. In fact, seniors are often happier in their romantic relationships than people a generation or two younger. That’s especially true if they’re long-time partners anticipating a 40th, 50th or even 60th celebration of their time together. Among older adults, those who’ve journeyed together … Read more

Family Estrangement, Sadly A Growing Phenomenon

Family Rejection can take on many forms. A mother may reject a daughter. A father may reject a son. The daughter and son may reject their parents. Siblings may reject one another. Whatever the players involved, family estrangement is a growing phenomenon coupled with pain, loneliness, a feeling of betrayal, and stigma. No one affected … Read more

The Gardening and Longevity Connection

The gardening and longevity connection, is it real? Well, consider this. In parts of Japan, Greece, Sardinia and Costa Rica, it’s common for people to live into their 90s and even their 100s. These “centenarian centers” feature a mostly plant-based diet, moderate exercise regime, and a strong social support system. And there’s one other thing: … Read more

Why Are Seniors Going Back To School?

Many college students are bright, young and eager. But these days a new group of people is joining the college crowd. They’re also bright and eager, but they’re not young. Across North America, more and more seniors are going back to school. Wheras employers may sometimes be unenthusiastic to hiring the senior demographic, academic facilities … Read more