Can Seniors Be Friends With Benefits?

If you search for keywords for seniors as “friends with benefits” you’re met with “7 senior discounts at Walmart” or “benefits for seniors 65 and older.” I am not seeking the usual interpretation for “friends with benefits” nor am I referencing the discounts and commercial advantages available to seniors. I want to discuss the benefits … Read more

The Beauty and Joy of Growing Old Together

People who think love is just for the young aren’t paying attention. In fact, seniors are often happier in their romantic relationships than people a generation or two younger. That’s especially true if they’re long-time partners anticipating a 40th, 50th or even 60th celebration of their time together. Among older adults, those who’ve journeyed together … Read more

Furry Best Friends for Seniors

Before my Mother moved to long-term care, she resided in the beautiful but somewhat remote Margaree Valley on Cape Breton Island. There, a local breeder sold her a male Maremma puppy which grew to be 150 pounds. This beautiful white dog with his black eyes was more than any senior could handle. Running toward you … Read more

Gray Divorce: Reasons and the Aftermath

Why would anyone want to divorce after decades of building a life with another person?… this breaking down and blowing apart, financial meldown, alienating family members, upsetting children, some now adults themselves, perplexing friends and forcing them to choose sides. The gray divorce: reasons and the aftermath need consideration. At a time in life when … Read more