Gray divorce: Reasons and Consequences

People over 50 years of age are the new demographic most often divorcing. Why would anyone want to do this after decades of building a life with another person? this breaking down and breaking apart, alienating one side of a family, upsetting children, now adults themselves, perplexing friends and forcing them to choose sides. At … Read more

Hearing loss in Seniors – Does it matter?

My departed Grandmother, as far back as I can recall, was deaf. Not completely deaf but hearing compromised to the point where we would have to repeat most things and speak loudly. When we asked why she didn’t want a hearing aid her typical response would be “I hear everything I want to hear, thank … Read more

Exercise can help provide quality of life in the Senior Lifestyle

My Mother was never an exercise advocate or devotee. However, she was an explorer; a lover of the great outdoors, and in the last chapters of her life moved to the remote but beautiful Margaree Valley in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. There her exercise consisted of gardening during the summer months and snow shovelling … Read more